What Is Equity Release?


what is equity releaseEquity Release Schemes allow you to benefit from the equity that is tied up within your property.

Equity release enables people over the age of 55 to release tax free cash from the value of their
home. The money can be withdrawn to suit your requirements & can be taken as a lump sum,
or by flexible withdrawals, or as additional income to supplement retirement lifestyle. In fact,
you have the freedom to spend the equity release tax free cash on anything you wish.

Equity release schemes

are designed to run for your lifetime. They are repaid on death or after moving into long term care. At this point
the house is usually sold and the equity release mortgage is repaid from the sale proceeds. Equity release
provide a 12 month window to complete this sale. Any money left over will pass to your beneficiaries.


Equity Release UK

schemes now also give you the option of making monthly payments, thus you can choose whether to repay
the interest or not. This decision will depend on your own personal finances & how much inheritance you
wish to leave your children or beneficiaries. This is key to the equity release decision making process and
should always be discussed with your family members.


There are many types of lifetime mortgage and equity release schemes available to the over 55's and these
are discussed in greater detail in our equity release schemes section here: -


interest only lifetime mortgage

  • Lifetime Mortgage
  • Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage
  • Drawdown Equity Release


Each type of equity release plan is unique in its own right and care should always be taken in establishing the
best equity release scheme, dependent upon your particular circumstances and needs.


The release of equity from your home is a big decision to make and it’s therefore essential to take independent
equity release advice. An experienced equity release adviser will always help you consider the alternatives,
should better options be available. Please call freephone 0800 678 5169 to speak to an equity release adviser.


The following sections detail further specifics involved with these equity release mortgages:-

How am I protected | What are the benefits | What types of schemes are there | Qualification

How much can I borrow | Set up costs | How long does it take?


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These are lifetime mortgage & home reversion plans. To understand the risk & features of these plans, request a personalised Key Facts Illustration.

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