Just Retirement - Lump Sum Plus
Roll up Lifetime Mortgage
Rate: 5.40%
APR: 5.50%
Incentive Deal:
Features: FREE Valuation Offer* | Medical Underwriting Option | Cashback Available** | NO Set Up Fee | 10%pa Voluntary Payments With NO Penalty | 3 Year NO ERC Feature***

Launched in August 2004, Just Retirement are specialists in retirement solutions & have plenty of experience in enhanced annuities & equity release plans.

With combined sales of more than £1.1 billion, Just Retirement have come to be recognised as one of the UK's leading providers of retirement solutions.

The Just Retirement Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage plan has been launched to offer a greater lump sum by way of two options:-

1. Standard Loan-to-value - this plan aims to provide a higher lump sum than the standard roll-up lifetime mortgage scheme
2. Enhanced Loan-to-value - by asking a series of health questions Just Retirement underwriters can assess whether a higher amount can be released based on life expectancy

Both options are advantageous for people over age 55, who simply want the maximum equity release possible. There are numerous reasons for this and could be down to health reasons, or simply because their financial situation necessitates an absolute maximum release.

The interest rate on both plans are fixed and the rate is determined upon the product you are eligible for.
A health & lifestyle questionnaire will be completed in support of the application which asks a series of questions with regards to your medical history.

Both the standard & enhanced plans start at age 60, with a minimum property value of £70,000 and £10,000 minimum initial release.

Both the Standard and Enhanced products are available in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Just Retirement Lump Sum Plus Plan has the flexible facility of 10% voluntary payments each year. This allows the homeowner to repay upto 10% of the original amount borrowed each year & help control the future balance of the plan.

The 3 Year No ERC Feature*** is applicable to joint life equity release applications where should one person die or go into care, the survivor can repay the loan with no penalty within 3 years of such an event.

* The FREE valuation offer applies to ALL properties (no upper limit)
** Cashback option of £2,000 dependent upon age and loan amount

Interest rates are tiered, dependent upon age of the homeowner

For a personalised quotation on the Just Retirement Lump Sum Plus lifetime mortgage, please contact the Compare Equity Release team on 0800 678 5169.
These are lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. To understand their features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.


  • All schemes are authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • Continued ownership of 100% of your home
  • Interest rates sourced from the whole of the market
  • Continued benefit from future house price increases
  • Special deals with incentives to save you money
  • Free initial advice with no commitment or credit checks

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These are lifetime mortgage & home reversion plans. To understand the risk & features of these plans, request a personalised Key Facts Illustration.

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