More2Life - Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage
Roll up Lifetime Mortgage
Rate: 5.90%
APR: 6.22%
Incentive Deal:
Features: Free Valuation | Protected Equity Guarantee | Ill-health Option | Cashback Offers*

More2life have entered the equity release market with an innovative roll-up lifetime mortgage plan now called the Tailored Choice Plan.

More2life have created an enhanced lifetime mortgage product that will potentially increase the maximum lump sum you can borrow based on your health & lifestyle, plus the value of your property and age.

Down to simple medical underwriting, with NO medical requirement, if you have a history of illness including high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, cancer, even if you are a smoker or are overweight, you could qualify for the more2life enhanced equity release plan.

After successfully being underwritten, the plan will provide the largest lump sum currently available in the equity release market, either as a lump sum, or drawdown lifetime mortgage plan.

The More2Life equity release plan starts from age 55. Although the minimum age stated is 55, to qualify, the equivalent underwritten rated age must reach age 60 for single applications, and age 65 for joint applications.

The Tailored Choice Plan is currently available in England, mainland Scotland or Wales on properties valued over £70,000 and having no maximum upper valuation. More2Life can specially quote on properties over £1m, hence contact for a bespoke quotation.

There is a minimum release of £10,000 with a maximum overall release of £600,000 in England, yet £250,000 in Wales and Scotland.

This plan now has the option of being taken on a equity release drawdown basis & therefore has the benefit of the highest release & the greatest drawdown facility.

FREE valuation offer currently available

*upto 5% Cashback deals on the initial loan amount
**Rates based on age of the homeowner

Please call our team on 0800 678 5169 for further information on the range of equity release deals available.
These are lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. To understand their features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.


  • All schemes are authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • Continued ownership of 100% of your home
  • Interest rates sourced from the whole of the market
  • Continued benefit from future house price increases
  • Special deals with incentives to save you money
  • Free initial advice with no commitment or credit checks

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These are lifetime mortgage & home reversion plans. To understand the risk & features of these plans, request a personalised Key Facts Illustration. helps you to compare and arrange equity release schemes from the whole of the equity release market:

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