Equity Release Schemes

Equity Release Schemes


Equity release schemes open a financial gateway for over 55's in helping to release equity.


Compare Equity Release advise & source lifetime mortgage & home reversion products from
the whole of the equity release UK market. These plans can differ considerably, hence due
diligence should be taken to ensure all equity release schemes are discussed in finer detail.



Which Equity Release Schemes Are Best?

No single equity release scheme can be the best & suit everyone. People in, or near to retirement have different
circumstances & requirements. Again, we cannot stress enough to take independent equity release advice. With
over 100 different equity release schemes currently available, the choice can be daunting without proper knowledge.


An overview of equity release schemes

With the variety of UK equity release schemes available in the market, how do you know which plan to choose?
The following information on various equity release plans, will provide you with a better understanding of the range
of mortgages available. Further in-depth analysis on each scheme is provided by clicking any of the links opposite...


Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime MortgageA lifetime mortgage is the most popular type of equity release scheme. It is a loan which is secured against the value of your home & exchanged for a tax free lump sum or income. The lifetime mortgage charges interest at a fixed rate. This is not repaid monthly, but added to the mortgage. The balance, including compound interest is finally repaid in full when the property is sold. This is on...read more


Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages

A drawdown lifetime mortgage is a type of lifetime mortgage, but with added flexibility. These schemes

provide you with a cash reserve facility. drawdown equity release schemesYou can take any amount from this initially, with the remainder being held in the reserve facility for future withdrawal, whenever needed. The advantage being that you only get charged interest on the amount withdrawn, which therefore saves you and your...read more


Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages

interest only lifetime mortgagesAn interest only lifetime mortgage is becoming increasing popular with retirees with good surplus incomes. They are particularly attractive if you can afford to service monthly payments into your retirement. The schemes work by repaying the interest charged on the mortgage & thus maintaining a level balance over the whole term. Interest only mortgages help protect the estate's value...read more


Home Reversion Plans

A home reversion allows you to sell part or all of the value of your property to the reversion company in
exchangeHome Reversion for a tax free cash lump sum (or regular monthly payments). You obtain a guaranteed lifetime lease which enables you to live rent free in the property for the rest of your life. At the end of the plan term the property will be sold and the sale proceeds are distributed in accordance...read more


Home Income Plans

Home income planA home income plan is designed to provide additional income to support retirement lifestyle. They are hybrid equity release schemes using a combination of lifetime mortgage, or home reversion, and an annuity. The equity release plan provides the capital, which is then immediately invested into the annuity to provide a monthly income. Home income plans have declined recent years...read more


Interest Only Mortgages

An interest only mortgage requires only the interest charged by the lender to be paid back on a monthly
basis. InInterest only mortgage addition an interest only mortgage also involved payment into an investment vehicle such as
an endowment, ISA or pension. The idea being the investment plan would perform over the mortgage term & repay the mortgage balance at the end. Hopefully, should performance be better than...read more


Capital and Repayment Mortgages

capital and repayment mortgageA capital & repayment mortgage is the most popular form of residential loan, providing the guarantee that at the end of a pre-determined term the original capital borrowed will be repaid. A repayment mortgage works by the mortgagor paying both the interest & a portion of the capital outstanding. In the earlier years, the majority of the payment is interest & therefore the balance does not...read more


Further information and advice

If you have any questions regarding which equity release schemes fulfill both pre & post retirement capital raising
requirements, or wish like to arrange a free no-obligation meeting, call us today on 0800 678 5169 or complete
our online enquiry form.



Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if
you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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