How Much Can I Borrow?

Equity release calculator


To enable yourself to budget, you will need to calculate how much can be borrowed.


You will therefore need access to an equity release calculator. As a free service,
Compare Equity Release provide lifetime mortgage and interest only lifetime mortgage
calculators. Both equity release calculators allow you to compare the whole of the
equity release UK market & provide the maximum tax free lump sum that can be raised.


How Do Equity Release Calculators Work?

An equity release calculator works by taking into account the age of the youngest applicant & the value of your
home. The older you get, the more you can release. Based on health & lifestyle we also provide an enhanced
equity release
calculator which will advise the extra cash you could release, if you have a history of poor health.


Why choose Compare Equity Release calculators?

Compare Equity Release provide all the calculator tools required to ascertain the maximum lump sum available
from all equity release schemes. The three calculations we provide include standard & enhanced rates for a
lifetime mortgage, and uniquely, we offer the maximum release for an interest only lifetime mortgage.


  • 100% commitment to providing the best equity release advice
  • Bespoke individual service, tailor made for you & your family
  • Experienced equity release advisers with a wealth of industry knowledge
  • Call back facility or freephone number for any questions that may arise


Once you have been reassured of the lump sum availability, we can provide an independent equity release
adviser to request a quote or arrange a convenient appointment to discuss your requirements further.

This can be in the comfort of your own home or over the telephone by prior appointment and comes with a
'no obligation' guarantee. All our adviser services come with NO upfront fees & conducted in a friendly manner.


Please click either of the following equity release calculator images to begin the first steps in finding out
'what is the maximum I can borrow' from either of these equity release schemes.


lifetime mortgage calculator equity releaseinterest only lifetime mortgage calculator

Lifetime Mortgageequity release Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage


If any mortgages are secured on the property, then the maximum value is reduced in line with the amount
outstanding. The Compare Equity Release calculators provide a theoretical maximum to work with.


Please call freephone 0800 678 5169 to speak to a member of the equity release team.



To understand the features and risks involved ask for a personalised illustration. An equity release plan will reduce
the value of your estate and may not be suitable for everyone. It may also affect your entitlement to state benefits.


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These are lifetime mortgage & home reversion plans. To understand the risk & features of these plans, request a personalised Key Facts Illustration. helps you to compare and arrange equity release schemes from the whole of the equity release market:

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