Do I Qualify?

Do I Qualify for equity release


First of all, we would need to check which equity release schemes you are eligible for.


Each type of equity release scheme has its own individual lending criteria that needs
to be met before any equity release application can be successful. The answer will
therefore depend on whether we are considering a lifetime mortgage, home reversion,
or retirement mortgage.



Do I Qualify for Equity Release?


Personal Details

  • Applicants need to be a UK resident & homeowner.
  • The minimum age of the youngest applicant for a lifetime mortgage is 55.
  • A home reversion scheme application requires a minimum age of 65.
  • Mortgage free, or ability to repay any existing mortgage on completion


Property Details

  • The property must be your main residence & have a minimum valuation of £70,000.
  • The property should mainly be of standard construction. Call 0800 678 5169 if unsure.
  • The property should be situated in the England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland
  • Freehold & leasehold properties acceptable; minimum remaining lease of 75 years.

Personal Requirements

  • A capital lump sum, regular income or initial lump sum with ad-hoc future payments
  • To take a release of equity with no monthly payments over your lifetime
  • An option to make monthly repayments & maintain a level mortgage balance
  • Financial assistance to enable you to live a happy & enjoyable retirement!


If you have any questions regards qualifying for equity release, call freephone 0800 678 5169.


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These are lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. To understand their features and risks,

ask for a personalised illustration.

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These are lifetime mortgage & home reversion plans. To understand the risk & features of these plans, request a personalised Key Facts Illustration. helps you to compare and arrange equity release schemes from the whole of the equity release market:

Aviva | Bridgewater | Hodge Lifetime | Just Retirement | LV= | more2life | One Family | Retirement Advantage | Pure Retirement L&G Crown